AskNicely alternative that asks even more nicely to your audience

Want to do a lot more than just measure NPS? Get the best AskNicely alternative!

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More than an NPS Platform

A business, like yours, has diverse data requirements. You require more than just a stand-alone NPS platform to collect insightful data.

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SurveySparrow’s versatile platform

This AskNicely alternative caters to multiple use-cases like performing market research or measuring employee satisfaction, customer engagement, and more. Get an all-rounder AskNicely alternative.

Why it

  • Meet to various data requirements easily
  • Dodge multiple purchases of online survey tools

Multi-brand NPS tracking

If you are a business looking to track and monitor the performance of your brands, run multiple NPS email surveys to assess performance. Track and monitor Net Promoter Scores using dedicated, individual dashboards.

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SurveySparrow’s multi-brand tracking system

SurveySparrow helps you assess the performance of all your sub-brands with multiple NPS surveys, each with its own unique dashboard.

Why it

  • Understand how different units of your brand performs
  • Get actionable insights on what’s amiss and how to improve

Pricing Plans

Here’s a side-by-side pricing comparison of AskNicely and its best alternative, SurveySparrow.






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An all-rounder AskNicely Alternative

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